Sunshine Coast Export Survey


In August 2012, The Sunshine Coast International Relations Panel called on all local businesses that were exporting internationally (or seriously considering exporting internationally) to participate in the 2012 Sunshine Coast Export Survey.

The survey closed on August 27th and the results were released on December 13th 2012.  To download the summary report please click on the link below.



To download the full report please click here>> Sunshine Coast Export Survey – Full Report

For further information please see the Sunshine Coast Council’s business support pages.

The survey responses have provided information to help all stakeholders to better understand the export activity currently taking place across the Sunshine Coast.  Responses will also inform the development of future trade and export programs for our region.  The survey results have helped identify:

  • Industries involved in exporting, key products/services, export markets, the value of exports and potential trends.
  • Barriers to exporting (that are able to be influenced) and activities that will assist exporters.
  • Willingness to share between exporters and the preferred format and structures.
  • The survey opened on Wednesday 1st of August 2012 and closed on Monday the 27th of August 2012.

The survey was the result of a collaboration between the Sunshine Coast International Relations Panel, Trade and Investment Queensland and is supported by the Sunshine Coast Council.

If you have any queries regarding the survey please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


About the Sunshine Coast International Relations Panel

Established in 2010 by the Sunshine Coast Council, the role of the panel is to provide strategic guidance and support to Council and the business community on international relations, specifically in the areas of cultural exchanges and economic development.


About Trade and Investment Queensland

Trade and Investment Queensland is a Queensland government initiative that aims to help Queensland companies earn more export dollars through individualised and targeted service. They provide a range of export assistance services through a team of experts with international business experience, multilingual skills and international business contacts. For further information:


About Sunshine Coast Council 

Council aims to create a dynamic business environment that secures prosperity through sustainable growth and continues to add to the Sunshine Coast’s high quality of life. The Sunshine Coast region has a diverse and buoyant economy ranging from tourism, manufacturing and agriculture to aviation and environmental technologies. For further information:

This export survey is supported by Sunshine Coast Council.

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